Profolio 050 (2)

Pastors / Founders:
Martin L. Brock
Linda M. Brock



Lavender – Royalty White – Purity Gold – Prosperity

“Ministry Purpose”

Our purpose is to preach the Kingdom Gospel of Jesus Christ, teach righteousness and holiness for the salvation and rebirth of mankind into Christianity; To make disciples of all converts and train them to do the work of the ministry.
Matt 28:19-20, Eph 4:11-16,Prov 20:18

“All Members Can Expect”

1) The clear un- compromised ministry of the Word.
2) Blameless witness of the leadership.
3) Established consistent operational policy.
4) Organized ministry void of fund-raising agenda gimmicks.
5) An atmosphere of love and respect for all.
6) Neat, clean, and excellent appearance of the Worship facility.
7) Starting each service or meeting on time.
8) Purposeful Faith-filled Offering Appeals.
9) Effective Ministry to children and Teens.
10) A genuine commitment to excellence in service to you and your family.

Explanation of Ministry Purpose

1.) To preach the Kingdom Gospel of Jesus Christ!
a. That means to declare the good news of what Jesus has, is, and will do for Mankind. I Cor 1:4-7, II Cor 8:9.

2.) To teach righteousness!
a. To teach others how to stand and remand standing in right standings with God. The “Christian Bill Of Rights” Example: As a believer you have a right to healing, wholeness, prosperity, joy, peace, and victory; spirit-soul and body. I Cor 1:30, I Cor 15:57, II Cor 5:20-21, I Pet 2:24.

3.) To teach holiness!
a. How to develop the very character and nature of God in your own personal life. God’s attributes will become your attributes. To be filled with His Spirit. John 14:12-14, I John 4:15-17, Acts 2:1-4, verse 37-38.

4.) For the Salvation and Rebirth of Mankind into Christianity!
a. Salvation- the complete deliverance of mankind from every temporary evil, from darkness to light, from satan to God. John 3:16-21,
Rom 10:8-13, Col 1:12-14.
b. Rebirth- that every person become a new creation in Christ Jesus.
John 3:3, IICor 5:17-19.

5.) To make disciples of all converts!
a. Teach believers to discipline themselves and live a discipline lifestyle by following the Word (Jesus). Mt 11: 28-30, Mt 28:19-20, Gal 5:16-25,
Eph 4:10-16.

6.) Train disciples to do the work of the Ministry!
a. Teach believers to go out and do for others what God has done for them and what is being done for them. Mark 16:15-18.